After clearing land with bobcats and chainsaws, we fell in love with goats and realized that THEY were the way to clear land that was weed-invested, overgrown with poison ivy or hard to reach with machinery! Enter in the scape-goats. Why are goats THE WAY to clear your land:

  • They are ECO-FRIENDLY! No pollution and they naturally fertilize! 
  • They eat unwanted and invasive weeds like poison ivy, kudzu and thistle. 
  • They are SAFER than the carcinogenic chemicals you will have to repeatedly use to get rid of those weeds! (and by the way, did you know that approximately 95% of those chemicals reach a destination OTHER THAN their target?!?! 
  • They are less expensive than using machines and manpower. 
  • They don't KID around. (sorry...had to:) 

Our herd, as of now, consists of 7 Nubian Does and 1 Wether...oh, and a pig. Yup...our "foreman", the rescue pot belly named Randall who thinks he is a goat. 

Give us a call to discuss your weed, land-clearing needs and let's see if the SCAPEGOATS are a fit for the job!