We are BIG BLUE CONTAINERS, a division of The Cannon Group, a husband and wife business that has been serving clients since 1997. Keith has over 30 years of construction expertise in areas such as heavy highway construction management, commercial concrete, fine grading and clearing and hardscapes. Personally, we have remodeled 10 homes and it is the place we THRIVE as a team. We are so excited to be launching in Wilkes County. As six year residents now, THIS is the place we call HOME and plan to NEVER leave. The mountains get inTO you and once that happens you are done. We are so thankful for this beautiful community and so pleased to be serving you in an area we saw a need.  We live in Moravian Falls on top of the Brushy Mountains and have a 14 acre farm complete with our goats, donkeys and chickens. We have one beautiful 17 year old daughter named Katherine and have been married for almost 20 years. We are  looking forward to meeting you or talking with you to see if we have what you are needing in way of containers, clearing or construction services! Thank you in advance for supporting us and helping us SPREAD THE WORD! 


Keep Haulin',

Keith + Elizabeth Braswell