Frequently Asked Questions

What can we NOT put in the containers? 


Including but not limited to: concrete, stone, rocks, bricks, dirt, tires, or flammables such as paints, solvents, fuels, oil, etc...

NO household appliances including TV sets

Household/Construction waste cannot be mixed in with natural debris/yard waste such as trees, limbs, grass, roots, etc. These items go to a seperate  location at the landfill and therefore must be loaded independently of each other.


What time frame do you rent your containers? 

We rent our containers BY THE WEEK. IF you know you are going to need your container for ONE MONTH or longer, let us know and we can discuss pricing options with you. 


Will you deliver outside of the Wilkes County area?

We have gone outside of the Wilkes County area into some locations in surrounding counties. Give us a call and let's discuss pricing and if feasible. 


Do you take Credit Cards? How do we pay you?

Most of our clients pay for the initial week at drop off in the form of CASH or CHECK. We can, however, take credit cards. There is a $10 service fee to do so but we are happy to accommodate you.